Our annual general meeting was held on March 28th. Here's our full report (as a PDF) that was prepared for the meeting, and minutes shall soon be available.

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Upcoming Events!

For Women's Month 2018, KPIRG has several events coming up! 1) Thurs. March 15th @11am -- Indigenous Women Confront State Violence (with Surrey People Power) -- a visual presentation and discussion (led by Jenn Allan & Martha Roberts) on the long and brutal history of police and courts' repression against Indigenous women in the Canadian state... Continue Reading →

Open Access Media Workshop Series

KPIRG is very pleased to announce the creation of a new workshop series to promote grassroots research and develop our technical skills.   Get in touch with us if you have an idea for an upcoming workshop: <research@kpirg.ca> We begin Thursday February 8th, with an in-depth session on how to file "Access to Information" requests, in... Continue Reading →

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