BC Fair Wages Commission

Yesterday, KPIRG members, and staff gave a presentation to the BC Fair Wages Commission asking the panel to implement $15 an hour minimum wage now. We know that many of our members struggle to pay their tuition, struggle with the high price of housing, and of course many of our members engage in precarious and... Continue Reading →

We’re Hiring a Research Coordinator!

JOB POSTING: Research Coordinator Closing Date: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, 11:59 P.M. PST Part-Time Permanent Position: 28 hours / week Term: 1 year term, ending November 29th, 2018. Wage Rate: $26.00/hr with Health and Dental benefits. This is a unionized position with United Steelworkers (USW) Local 2009. The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group (KPIRG) is... Continue Reading →


KPIRG Student Ambassadors  As an ambassador for KPIRG, your fundamental role will be to help prospective students learn more about KPIRG programming, events, and research. Ambassadors may be requested to participate in a number of ways, depending on their particular set of skills/capabilities and preferences. Ambassadorial duties may include: Assistance at recruitment events (New Student... Continue Reading →

We're looking for folks passionate about social and environmental justice to join our Board of Directors! Learn new skills, receive training, meet like-minded people, gain experience on an organizational level and do some awesome work on social and environmental justice.  As a Director or Board Organizer you will help fill the operational and logistical needs of KPIRG so... Continue Reading →

Speaking Truth to Systemic Oppression

Written by: Baneet Hans In lieu of the recent events that took place in Charlottesville, I wanted to write about something timely and close to my heart. I am somewhat of a social justice warrior, if you may call it that. The rising of the White Supremacist movement through the Charlottesville events has produced the need... Continue Reading →

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