Apply for a KPIRG Grant!

KPIRG’s Grants Committee accepts applications for grants from student and community organizations year-round. Awards to successful applicants are made once at the end of each semester. Applications must be related to a social or environmental justice project / campaign.

Application Deadline:


General Criteria:

Funding is Available:

  • to KPU students and student groups
  • to community groups with an annual budget of less than $200,000
  • for projects that have a commitment to social and environmental justice

Priority is Given to:

  • groups and projects in the Lower Mainland
  • groups working within their own communities
  • groups working on the following issues: indigenous sovereignty; gender queer, trans- & two-spirit issues; disability justice (esp. invisible disabilities); anti-gentrification and affordable housing; food sovereignty; prison industrial complex & police brutality; migrant justice; climate justice; sex worker support / rights
  • groups that demonstrate accessibility and long term vision

Funding is Not Allocated to:

  • student or work exchanges
  • groups fundraising to donate to other groups or causes (we prefer to donate directly)
  • Political Parties or Political Party affiliated groups (at all levels of Government), and Religious organizations

Grants Available:

Large Grants {$500-$1000}

Groups applying for large donations must have a bank account in the organization’s name. Group must have previous experience organizing events or campaigns.

Small Grants {up to $500}

This fund is available to groups with little organizing experience as well as established groups. Can be used for small campaigns, one-time events, art projects, publications and other forms of social justice organizing.

Conferences & Workshops Fund {$100}

Funding available for KPU students attending social and environmental justice conferences and/or workshops.


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