We vote ‘YES’ in the Transit Referendum. You should, too!

Taking you forever to get to KPU on public transit? Do you live in the suburbs and find that you can’t get anywhere easily on transit? Are you forced to drive everywhere? Sick of the car pollution? How about the road congestion when you’re driving (or stuck in a bus!)? Awful, right? We feel the same pain!

Here’s our historical chance to change all this! Do your part by registering (if you haven’t yet) and voting ‘YES’ to the Mayors’ Transportation and Transit Plan. The referendum voting period is March 16th – May 29th 2015.

Some of the many benefits proposed by the Plan.

Some of the many social and environmental benefits include:

  • Fewer cars on the roads means less traffic congestion and less pollution.
  • Expanded public transit service, including new routes and service lines, means better access to public transit for marginalized communities and faster transit times for underserved routes.
  • Low income individuals and families are able to save money and time with better transit, instead of relying on a car.

Here’s some more resources to check out:

Let’s change the region for the better. Happy voting!

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