Public Inquiry Now!

Into the Babine & Lakeland Sawmill explosions.
Sign the online petition:

In late March, the United Steelworkers, Distict 3, renewed the campaign calling on the provincial government to launch a public inquiry into the deaths of Carl Charlie, Robert Luggi, Alan Little, and Glenn Roche,and into the injuries of 44 workers in the 2012 Babine and Lakeland sawmill explosions.

In the spirit of worker solidarity, and demanding employer accountability, workplace safety, and justice in all forms, we, the Steelworkers of District 3 and allies, are collecting signatures on online and paper petitions that we will be presenting to the provincial legislature. We are hitting up worksites, reaching into the community, and touching base with our allies in the labour movement and in the broader community. This is where you all come in.

Please pass on the online petition to your contacts, post campaign info wherever those in your life can see it, and keep the petition in social media, in conversation, and in our collective consciousness. Because every life matters..
twttter: @USW_District_3


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