Event Planning Volunteer Opportunities!

Hello KPIRG community members!

We are looking for event planning volunteers to work alongside KPIRG staff and Directors for KPIRGs upcoming Dis/Orientation weeks. This years lineup of events include:

  • Kwantlen First Nation event
  • Labour Rights awareness
  • Civil Rights awareness
  • Pipeline discussion event
  • Paris Commune Cafe (discussions held on campus)
  • Women’s Rights event
  • Prisoner’s Rights event
  • Accessibility Rights event

Volunteers can begin immediately! Learning outcomes:

  • Identify different types of events.
  • Develop an event plan.
  • Communications.
  • Create/work with an event budget.
  • Manage the myriad of details involved in event planning.
  • Identify and plan for possible risks.
  • Produce an event evaluation plan.

The events will be held on a rotational basis on all KPU campuses from September 8-18th.

If you or anybody you know wants to be a part of this great opportunity, please contact outreach@kpirg.ca


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