KPIRG Wants You!

Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group

We’re releasing a call for an interim board director and a regular Board member to be appointed from the Kwantlen Polytechnic University community. 

Nominations Packages will be accepted on a rolling basis — so don’t wait to apply! Please email your completed statement to

**What Do I Need to Include in My Nominations Packages

You can also fill out our Nominations Packages which includes a brief statement of why you would like to join the board, skills and perspectives you can offer and a brief summary of campus and/or community involvement or interests.

**What is the KPIRG Board of Directors?

KPIRG is committed to social and environmental justice, KPIRG is a campus-based group with a mandate for research, education and action on issues of social and environmental justice. KPIRG is a student and community funded and volunteer-driven organization that works to empower students and community members, to give people…

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