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Catherine Kruger – November KPIRGer of the Month

Question: Who are you?!
Cathy: I was born in Ontario and moved to BC in 1990. Langley has been my home for the past seven years. I am a mature student in my 3rd year at KPU, majoring in Sociology. I am also the Co-Founder of Disability Action Movement Now – D.A.M.N! D.A.M.N is an action group on KPU that aims to raise awareness about disabilities on campus and whose main objective is to provide equal access to education to all students.

In my spare time I love to get lost in my collection of audio books, my favorites including mystery and crime dramas. I am also addicted to the TV show, Criminal Minds. I also enjoy hiking and discovering new trails in Langley and taking Rosco, my dog, to local dog parks. Rosco also has some company as I have two beautiful parrots! A 30 year-old blue and gold macaw named Zora & 15 year-old double yellow amazon parrot named Corky. Lastly, I am a HARDCORE Country and Western music fan and used to linedance! Whenever I have the time I love to volunteer for the Horse Protection Society of BC which is for abused or unwanted horses.

My plan is to get more involved with advocacy groups in and around my community and to hopefully work in that field after graduation. I also would like to acknowledge Kimberly McMartin from the KSA who has been very supportive of my initiatives on campus. As well as my mentor, Dr. Fiona Whittington-Walsh who has been inspiring me at KPU since day one. And also Diane Naugler who has been extremely supportive of me and D.A.M.N.

Question: How did you hear about KPIRG?
I heard about KPIRG through a classroom presentation in the summer of 2015 in one of my sociology classes in Surrey.

Question: How has KPIRG helped you?
Since I discovered KPIRG, the support from KPIRG has been awesome. I have received assistance in event planning, preparation with presentations, with writing for presentations, assistance with designing outreach materials, and so much more. The KPIRG team has been a wonderful support team and has inspired me to continue with advocacy on campus and has helped me to keep on going.        

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