KPIRGer of the Month!

Monika Saran – January 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who are you?!
I’m a first year student in the biology department at KPU.  I’m interested in getting involved in different social justice activities all around the lower mainland, primarily, volunteering. I am involved both on and off campus in an array of different areas and within the community.  When I am not on campus, I enjoy making things out of fabric and relish in advancing my quilting and crocheting skills. I also like watching TV and trying out new cuisines and restaurants around town.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I first heard about KPIRG during fall 2015 Welcome Week where I signed up for the KPIRG newsletter. I then promptly contacted Deanna, the KPIRG research coordinator, to seek a possible research opportunity. Since then, we have been collaborating on a research project on accessibility rights at KPU.

How has KPIRG helped you?
I’ve never formally done research before and KPIRG has introduced me to research and social justice issues that I didn’t even know existed. It has broadened my perspective exponentially and has inspired me to take action!


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