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Lincey Amora – February 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who Are You?
I am a third year Geography student who enjoys learning about issues that I don’t think involve me directly. It’s great to know that there’s something I can do about it. I enjoy trying things that push me out of my comfort zone and expand who I am as a person. I stand for anything covered in Nutella; feminism; cute, long distance relationships; and free hugs. I don’t stand for sexual assault, inequality or soggy cereal. In my spare time I like to read, run, and jump on my bed while listening to loud Taylor Swift music.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I was introduced to KPIRG through my friend, [former KPIRG employee] Romina. I liked what they stood for, and I learned a lot through their activities, and about issues that affect the community.

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
I got involved to be more active on campus, but then I realized that KPIRG had a lot to educate me about things that would matter to me. And it’s an opportunity to learn about things outside of the classroom environment with people that are like-minded. And, I’ve also gotten to meet significant members of the community who’ve given a lot back, and hear the stories to continue to be inspired by them to fight for what I believe in.

KPIRG has helped me to be more aware of global and local issues that are closer to me than I realized, and share them with others. They have also helped me look deeper into these matters, not just on the surface, but to also analyze them and to further understand why they exist, and what can be done about them. It’s made me realize that there’s many more things under the umbrella of social justice.


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