Our March KPIRGer of the Month!

R.P. Jey – March 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Right on!!
Question:Who are you?!
R.P:  I am a queer-trans masculine person of colour at KPU who is working on his BA in Creative Writing and is also the Queer Representative for the KSA. I am a feminist, social justice activist, and aspiring film-maker.

Question: How did you hear about KPIRG?
I heard about KPIRG through PRIDE Kwantlen as well as through the outreach and posters that are visible on campus.

Question: Why did you get involved with KPIRG?

R.P: I got involved with KPIRG because a lot of the issues that I do activism work around is similar to what KPIRG does. Because I can get good support in order to do better in my activism, I continue to work with KPIRG to see how I can take a look at myself and apply it to my work. I got involved because I wanted to be more active on campus with like-minded individuals.

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