Opportunities with KPIRG


Are you looking for ways to engage with your community? Ways to enhance your university experience? Every  month we will be posting opportunities for student members and community members to explore the many avenues to get involved with KPIRG!
Currently we have…

  • Street Team Committee: a volunteer committee focused for promoting the organization, its events, workshops, by directly engaging with other students on campus life matters, e.g. through tabling, event planning, classroom presentations, etc.
  • DAMN: Open to new members, Disability Action Movement Now, a student-run group focused on research and action that would provide better accessibility for students with disabilities.
  • Dis/Orientation Committee: a student-run, event-planning committee for KPIRG events that take place in the beginning of every Fall term.
  • Gardening: for those looking to literally enjoy the fruits of their labour. KPIRG has a garden space at the Surrey campus that you are welcome to use.
  • Button Making: KPIRG regularly assembles buttons for internal and promotional use. It can be good, meditative exercise.



We have plenty of resources here at KPIRG, like BOOKS! (although you may not see them since they’re mostly in boxes), but they’re here! These two books are recommended by our very own KPIRG Directors, Kim McMartin and Russell Liu. Check them out!


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