May KPIRGer of the Month

Manmeet Chinna – May 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who Are You?
I am a fourth year Psychology student who enjoys getting involved within the KPU and the external community. At KPU, I am involved as a volunteer with the Peer Support Program and as a Campus Captain with the Orientation Team for the upcoming year. In the community, I am involved with the Abbotsford Restorative Justice and advocacy Association (ARJAA) and the Fraser Health Crisis Line. In my spare time, I like to read science-fiction novels, write short stories, watch the Game of Thrones and the Vampire Diaries, and listen to music by Ed Sheeran.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I learned about KPIRG at one of the tabling sessions that took place back in Fall 2015. I
had been looking for a prospect to get involved in research, and KPIRG was a great opportunity to get involved in issues that were important to me, specifically creating a more inclusive campus for students with disabilities.

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
I feel passionate about the goals of D.A.M.N. to create a more inclusive KPU community for students with disabilities by creating a platform of discussion that promotes solutions and removal of existing barriers. As a research assistant for KPIRG, I feel like I can directly make a difference in the lives of students at KPU by contributing to initiatives that aim to create greater awareness and promote innovative thinking to eliminate prevailing barriers.

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