Justice for Workers in Bangladesh, H&M’s clothing producers!

May Day Action! 
1. Drop off a letter to the store manager of your local H&M store this May during “May Days” (and get someone with you to take a picture and send it to us at outreach@kpirg.ca or tweet it out).   Actions that go beyond sending an email are very effective.  Let us know which store you have visited!

(sample letter below)

To find the retail store close to you go to  http://www.hm.com/ca/store-locator There are stores in Surrey at:  Grandview Corners2453 161A St. and Guildford Town Centre 10355-152nd Street, Suite 1095.

Activists all over Europe and North America are demonstrating at H&M stores and at the H&M annual shareholder meeting on May 3 in Sweden.  All of us working together can make a difference.

Why are we doing this?

Almost three years after H&M promised to make its supplier factories safe, the majority of workers sewing H&M clothing in Bangladesh are still working under dangerous conditions, meaning that in many factories workers may be unable to safely exit the building in an emergency.

H&M is not unique.  Many other retailers have also not done enough to improve their factories.  H&M is a large retailer with an important presence in Bangladesh so it could be using its influence with its supplier factories more effectively.  If we get H&M to do better it will put pressure on other retailers.  Later in the year we intend to ask you to pressure Canadian retail brands.

Please print and sign the attached letter and present it to the store manager at your local H&M Store

For those who want more information:  http://www.hmbrokenpromises.com/

or http://www.usw.ca/news/media-centre/articles/2016/labour-delegation-report-rana-plaza

2. In addition to presenting a letter to your local H&M store manager, please send an email to H&M’s head office through this link.

Dear H&M Store Manager:

Re:  H&M’s Promise to Fix Bangladesh Factories

As Canadian consumers and workers we want to be able to purchase Bangladesh clothes that are made in safe factories where workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage.

I am deeply concerned to learn that many of H&M supplier factories in Bangladesh have not yet completed the repairs required by factory inspectors undertaken in 2013-105 to ensure that working conditions are safe and that there is not another Rana Plaza building collapse or Garib & Garib, or Tazreen Fashions factory fires. 

According to reports from credible labour and human rights groups the Bangladesh workers who sew H&M clothing that we purchase continue to work in extremely dangerous conditions.  H&M is significantly behind schedule on ensuring basic and life-saving safety repairs in the company’s supplier factories, including the installation of fire exits, fireproof doors, the removal of locking doors from fire exits, and the enclosure of stairwells.

I urge H&M to immediately comply with its obligations under the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, namely to ensure thatH&M’s supplier factories carry out the mandated safety repairs and renovations and to ensure that it is financially feasible for the factories to make the repairs in a timely manner.

Labour rights need to be respected.  Independent, democratic trade unions are an essential component for the creation of a long-term sustainable, safe garment industry in Bangladesh.  I note with alarm the reports documenting on-going violation of workers’ rights in Bangladesh factories.  Please let me know how H&M is supporting worker’s rights to organize in H&M supplier factories.

Please forward to your corporate head office this urgent request to make H&M’s supplier factories in Bangladesh safe for workers and to respect workers’ right to join unions.


(your name)

For those of you with twitter accounts please tweet. A sample tweet is:

@HMCanada please make Bangladesh supplier factories safe #RanaPlaza @SteelworkersCA

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