Gurpreet Khangura – June 2016 KPIRGer of the Month!


Who Are You?
I am a third year Accounting student who loves to give back to the community. I try to look for different ways to give back whether it’s volunteering at school or with another organization, I like to look for ways to help people in need. I love knowing that I am making a change even if it is small, its something and that’s what keeps me going. I like to get out and meet new people because I get to learn something new from each person I meet. It’s a new connection I get to make and a wonderful experience. I have a passion for music, helping others, creating anything different and and accepting anything different whether it’s a religion, person, or perspective. I cannot stand dishonesty, bullying in any form or cookies without chocolate chips. In my spare time I grab my secret stash of chocolates and watch movies or read a good book.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I found out about KPIRG online when I had seen they needed volunteers for their AGM. The first time I got to actually learn what KPIRG was about and I liked their message of justice and equality for all. I have been learning something new about KPIRG and the issues that are affecting the community, every time I go to their office.

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
I got involved to be more active on campus, but then as I learned more from talking to the other members of KPIRG I realized that KPIRG had a lot to teach me about our community. I see it as an opportunity to learn more about occurrences within the community¬† and around the world with people who have an open mind. I’ve been really lucky to meet such inspiring individuals who work hard to do what they can to give back and bring awareness about the issues that occur within the world.

They have taught me so much about the different issues that arise at school and out in society that I wasn’t aware of before. Learning more about these issues I’m getting the chance to look at different ways to tackle those problems and how they can be fixed. I’m more aware now thanks to KPIRG and continuing to learn more about what social justice really is about and there is so much more to it than we can see.

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