KPIRGers of the Month – July 2016


Who are you?!
Inderpal Brar – I am fourth year Political Science student at KPU. I am planning to start a non- profit organization in the near future because I feel the best way to create employment opportunities and make change in the world is through humanitarian work. I am deeply disturbed by the injustice being served in the world.

Mehakpreet Sandhu – I am a first year Computer Information Systems student. I like to read books and watch YouTube videos in my free time. I am a big time procrastinator but I still manage to get stuff done in time, somehow. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to give back to the community and help create awareness.

Vikram Cheema – I am a passionate individual who cannot withstand injustice. I used to work with an NGO called Make a Difference in India which used to work with underprivileged children living in shelter homes. I love food, books and rain. I like to dance and have fun.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
Inderpal – I started it!

Mehak – KPIRG is a fairly popular organization at KPU. I first heard about it from Inderpal and then learned more during Welcome week.

Vikram – I learned about KPIRG at the celebration of International Women’s Day at KPU.

Why did you get involved?
It is really hard to start a group with little or no experience. Thankfully, we had KPIRG to support us and provide us the structure, mentorship, and funding to start this action group. KPIRG’s values are in line with ours and they are doing amazing work by creating awareness and providing an opportunity to the students of KPU to get involved and work towards making the community, and eventually the world, a better place.

What is the Lehar Manifesto?
Lehar Manifesto is an action group that we formed together. The purpose of this group is to shine the spotlight on issues that are happening in India, particularly in Punjab, by using academic and intellectual thinking to find solutions.


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