Is it September 23rd already?! Week 2 of DISO DAYS was a complete and utter blur! We kicked off the week with some relaxing and warming Tai Chi and Chai Tea with the amazing instructors from Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi on September 19. The students that participated soaked it all in and we ended up practicing for 2 full hours!

We then quickly rolled into our interactive tabling event on September 20 to educate students on worker’s rights. We were shocked and horrified by the stories that some students shared with us – the very reason to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Grassroots Women came by on September 21st – our largest event of DISO DAYS. The conference centre was completely packed and their kick-ass spirit lit up the room. The hard-hitting truths of reality and tone of this women’s liberation event was definitely a DISO DAYS highlight.

Last but not least, an issue that hits close to home (ha) with everyone, the housing crisis event on the last day of DISO DAYS, September 23. We had members from Chinatown Action Group and Alliance Against Displacement. They focused on the ideas of displacement and the history of oppression and continued oppression of the most vulnerable members of society. This event conjured up great discussion and was an amazing way to end DISO DAYS – with minds blown and shaken up!

Thank you to ALL of our amazing speakers and the students that attended. We also would like to thank the United Steelworkers Humanity Fund & Vancity for funding, as well as the Runner for their support and advertisement of DISO DAYS and Grassroots Cafe for the catering.

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