KPIRG presents: Grassroots Women!

A Grassroots Women presentation and workshop for SOCI 2240: Women in Canada

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When: Wednesday, October 26, 1-2:30pm 

Where: KPU Surrey, Surrey Main Room 3820

Grassroots Women is a working-class, feminist collective founded in the 1990s. After a 5-year hiatus, Grassroots Women is back! We are parents, students, women of colour, working-class women, and revolutionary feminists. We are currently working on our experience-sharing and social investigation for our 2016-17 campaign and will be working on our analysis building, followed by organizing and mobilizing. We are organizing against the class system, patriarchy, and structural racism. Issues that we tackle are the super-exploitation and exploitation of precarious workers, overpolicing the criminalization of the poor, and the lack of a social safety net (ie. healthcare, education, housing, social assistance programs)
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