KPIRG Endorsement: “Before the Flood” KPU Screening Event

KPIRG is excited to endorse the following event:

“Before the Flood” KPU Screening Event

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When: Wednesday, October 26, 4-6pm

Where: KPU Surrey, KSA Grassroots Cafe

The Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Fisher Steven and Award-winning actor, environmental activist and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio’s new documentary on climate change, “Before the Flood”

The screening will take place before the National Geographic premiere on Oct 30th and KPU will be one of the few universities allowed to hold a screening in Canada!

The film follows DiCaprio on his journey around the world to understand the complex issue and to investigate concrete solutions to the greatest environmental challenge of our time. It also focuses on core topics such as combustion of fossil fuels, methane gas, palm oil and deforestation, geopolitical landscapes and more. Key speakers such as President Obama, Pope Francis, Ban Ki-Moon, Elon Musk and Sunita Narain are also featured in this documentary.

Join us as we explore the problem and the steps we can take as individuals to protect, conserve and live sustainably on this planet.

The documentary screening will be followed by a Q&A discussion. All are welcome, the event is FREE and refreshments will be served.



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