Mobilizing against the TPP and corporate rights agreements


When: Thursday, November 10, 7:00-8:30pm
Where: CityStudio, 1800 Spyglass Place

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Next Up is excited to announce the launch of the Next Up Open Session Series, where they will take Next Up into the community for collaborative sessions on a variety of social and environmental justice topics.

The first open session is called, “Hit the streets and be counted: Mobilizing against the TPP and corporate rights agreements,” featuring special guests Harjap Grewal, organizer with the Council of Canadians, and Blair Redlin, co-chair of the Trade Justice Network.

Blair and Harjap will speak about the massive dangers posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other corporate rights agreements, which increase legal rights for corporations while threatening the environment, labour rights, public health, privacy rights, and other public interests.

With a city-wide march planned in Vancouver for the end November, this Next Up Open Session serves an opportunity for community members to come together and discuss mobilization strategies for bringing Vancouverites into the streets in opposition to these harmful trade deals.

Join this free open session!

Hit the streets and be counted:
Mobilizing against the TPP and corporate rights agreements


CityStudio including its washrooms, is accessible.

Please refrain from wearing fragrances, as some people are scent-sensitive.

For more information, contact Sam at
Next Up

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