Cracks in the Concrete Conference


Our sister PIRG, VIPIRG is hosting their 2nd Annual Cracks in the Concrete Conference. If you’re on the island on March 24 – 26, try to drop in!

2nd Annual Cracks in the Concrete Conference
Theme: Isms of the 22nd Century

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like in the future? Currently, humanity is faced with all sorts of hardships; from climate change to the mass media, and as time goes on, one of the most relevant questions people ask is if things are going to get better or worse.

One of the ways to answer this question involves looking at the world through a perspective of community organizing, social movements, and activism. Last year, we explored the intersections of racism, sexism, and environmentalism. This year we are going to examine what those very issues are going to look like in the future.

Our conference is going to have six different panels with students, academics, activists, and community organizers from Victoria and elsewhere talking about their visions for the future of our planet. This will be accompanied by a keynote event with Kat Blaque, a transgender woman of color that is known for the YouTube show, True Tea. She will be talking about the ways in which internet culture has potential to shape our society going through the 21st century.

Link to the conference:

Email all accessibility requests to, or call 250-721-7285.

All venues are wheelchair accessible.

An ASL interpreter is confirmed, but please email us by Friday, March 17 at noon if you’ll be needing this service so we can pre-arrange seating, etc.

Childcare is also available.

Phone: 250-721-7285

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