KPIRGer of the Month – Joseph Watson-MacKay

Who are you?

I am a fourth year marketing management student at KPU that is passionate about volunteering, learning ​Japanese, ​ public speaking and study abroad.

I’m originally from Terrace, BC, which many people mishear as Paris and get very excited about before I have the chance to clarify. I moved to Tsawwassen in Grade 10, did a one-year working holiday visa in Japan when I was 20, and decided to study marketing at KPU at 21.  I later went back to Japan on academic exchange in my second year to our partner school, Nagoya Gakuin University, in Nagoya, Japan.

After moving back to Canada, I was hired at KPU International as a student ambassador, where I now support international and exchange students who have come to KPU, and encourage KPU students to study abroad at one of KPU’s 30+ partner schools overseas.

How did you hear of KPIRG?

I’m a major proponent of study abroad programs, as a means to becoming more compassionate, empathetic, and enthusiastic towards others, and so, I heard about KPIRG years ago through a friend I’ve known since first year​ when we were both part of AIESEC (an international, student-run​, global internship-providing organization).

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?

As part of a marketing class we were asked to partner with a non-profit organization and put in volunteer hours as an exercise in learning and applying Integrated Marketing Communications.

I approached KPIRG because thought it would be a great learning experience. Working with KPIRGers who are immersed in and knowledgeable about social and environmental justice, seemed like an fitting application of my work and volunteer experience within the KPU community, and working as an employee of KPU International.

KPIRG has helped me better understand how non-profits operate,​ as well as how they build-up and strengthen their community.  The practical experience of working with KPIRG was invaluable for ​understanding and building confidence in marketing and communications.​

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