KPIRG Student Ambassadors 
As an ambassador for KPIRG, your fundamental role will be to help prospective students learn more about KPIRG programming, events, and research.

Ambassadors may be requested to participate in a number of ways, depending on their particular set of skills/capabilities and preferences. Ambassadorial duties may include:

  • Assistance at recruitment events (New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, KPU Open house, KPIRG open house, weekly KPIRG tabling events).
  • Participation in classroom presentations to promote awareness and involvement with KPIRG. (involving public speaking).
  • Individually contacting KPU faculty to schedule classroom visits and/or collaborative projects.
  • Contribution to our social media activities.
  • Being a student blogger for KPIRG.
  • Contribution to promotional materials (such as programme brochures, website profiles, videos or media articles) by attending photo shoots, film shoots or providing written content such as quotes and completed questionnaires.

Looking for Committee Chairs / Committee volunteers 
Are you enthusiastic and committed with a broad range of knowledge and expertise? If so, add your voice to ours – we need your ideas and your energy! KPIRG offers a stimulating environment populated by others who share your passion for social justice. Please consider taking a place on any (or many) KPIRG committees!
(Finance committee, Anti-Oppression committee, policy committee, campus life committee, community affairs committee) 

  • Work with other dedicated, talented leaders in the Kwantlen community.
  • Contribute and strengthen your individual skills (organization, leadership, communication, technology, logistics, etc.) within a supportive team environment.
  • Cultivate your management skills by chairing a committee and recruiting members.

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