Upcoming Events!

For Women’s Month 2018, KPIRG has several events coming up!

1) Thurs. March 15th @11am — Indigenous Women Confront State Violence (with Surrey People Power) — a visual presentation and discussion (led by Jenn Allan & Martha Roberts) on the long and brutal history of police and courts’ repression against Indigenous women in the Canadian state context.

2) Wed. March 21st @ 1:30 – 3:30pm – Only Yes Means Yes (with West Coast LEAF – Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund) – find out what the law says about consent and how it deals with sexual assault, through a survivor-centered, social justice lens.

3) Thursday, March 22nd @ 6pm-8pm – Ending Violence Against Women: What if police, prisons and the state are not the solution? — A discussion on living community models in tranformative justice, with Kalamity Hildebrandt (SPIRG).

Come join us as we tackle these important issues!

Check out our Facebook page for more details (https://www.facebook.com/KPIRG/)

*photo credit: Ossie Michelin, 2013ossie michelin

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