Board of Directors

KPIRG is governed by a volunteer board of directors. They are elected annually and they help to govern the direction, vision and growth of the organization. They take part in strategic planning, attend regular meetings, participate in KPIRG’s Committees (including Policy, Finance, Anti-Oppression, HR/Hiring Committee, and any other ad-hoc committee that may arise), and are generally active in the organization’s work.

To contact the board directly, please email This year’s elected board of directors began their term in April 2017 and they will retire Spring 2018, where KPIRG will hold it’s  election and Annual General Meeting.

Interested in joining the board or if you have any questions, please feel free to drop by KPIRG and speak to a member of staff or email the board at


Board of Directors

VACANT –  Director of Finance
VACANT –  Director at Large 1
VACANT – Director: Board Organizer


Simon Massey – Director at Large 2




Director of Anti-Oppression – Zafreen Jaffer


Zafreen is a KPU student studying Anthropology. With 9 years of experience as a first aid volunteer, Zafreen frequently helps others, whenever she can. She has a history of volunteering with kids, youth, seniors, and animals. She also has a history of volunteering with environmental clubs, and groups, to create and implement changes that protect the environment. After being selected as the delegate of Burnaby South in the historic Daughters Of The Vote program, Zafreen fully believes women belong in politics.

In her spare time, Zafreen loves to dance, draw, knit, and craft. She loves to listen to different styles of music, and watches a lot of movies and TV shows. A vegetarian for many years, Zafreen enjoys cooking, and experimenting with recipes. One quote that Zafreen often says to others is “Don’t put yourself down. The world does that enough.”


Director: Community Affairs – Russell


Major in Policy Study. Born in Taiwan, I have spent roughly half my life between Canada and Taiwan. Having lived back and forth between the two countries, I got the short end of the stick on learning English and Mandarin, but was compensated with greater appreciation for both nations. I am keenly interested in international political development, economic inequality, as well as history, and I hope to further expand my field of interest as a director at KPIRG. As Director of Community Relationships, I also wish to further expand our field of activities, to areas like collaborating on co-operative education and activism in arts.


Director: Campus Life Lincey

Lincey studies geography at KPU and enjoys volunteering with fellow students, children, senior citizens and for special events that happen in the community and at KPU. A few social justice issues that fire her up are foreign worker exploitation, sexism, ableism, unfair labour laws and wages. She believes that water, education,hugs and the option to marry whoever you love are human rights. She is obsessed with long distance relationships, Nutella, thrifting, weddings and Christmas. Lincey looks forward to contributing to  great  experiences that are fun and eye opening towards being socially just for all Kwantlen Eagles. If she’s not in the office you may find her going for a run, thrifting, or randomly cleaning a friend’s place or dog sitting even though she’s allergic.



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