Research (CARP) Coordinator: Deanna Fasciani


Born with one foot in la bajura and one in campagna, of a constitution of maize and olive oil, Deanna draws much strength from her peasant and working-class roots. Uyuyuy, bajura!

Deanna completed her Masters of Arts (Latin American Studies/International Studies) at SFU, prior to being snatched up by KPIRG (and we’re a perfect fit!). Within the KPU community, Deanna shares with only President Dr. Alan Davis the distinction of being selected one of SFU’s 50 Most Inspiring Alumni of the past 50 years. Deanna invites Dr. Davis to discuss KPU and their alma mater over a steaming mug of quality Grassroots Café coffee and slice of pie!

Deanna’s dengue-inducing research, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), earned the distinction of being amongst the most celebrated works produced by her program over its lengthy history. It is also – whether we like it or not – the source of every discussion about pineapple and oil palm in the office. Prior to her MA, Deanna was awarded the Prix d’excellence du département de français for finishing at the top of her French undergraduate class. Yep, that was a thing.

In addition to visibly pouring her life force into KPIRG, Deanna keeps the labour movement moving as the Unit President and Shop Steward of the KPIRG staff and Co-Chair of the Women’s Committee of the United Steelworkers (USW) Local 2009.

Social Justice Interests: working-class and feminist consciousness-raising, labour organizing and education, politics of food (that’s also a thing! For more info, drop by the office), Latin America.

Other Interests: Golden Age of Simpsons (“dental plan!”), Golden Age of Cinema, Twilight Zone (’59-’64), colonial Baroque architecture (but not colonialism!), tromp l’oeil, time travel and multiverse plotlines, alliteration, high tea (but, again, not colonialism!) and, of course, pies, alongside her fellow pie aficionados at pie-PIRG… I mean KPIRG.

Deanna speaks and dreams in Spanish, Italian, and French. She can be found whenever and wherever students are in need of being jazzed for justice in all its forms!
“An injury to one is an injury to all”  ~written by Oscar Martinez


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