Accessibility Info for Birch 250, KPU

*Birch Building Accessibility Info
(thanks to Simon Massey for the comprehensive compilation of these measurements…)

Front Door:
– The front entrance to the Birch building is a double door with push buttons to open the door both entering and exiting
– The buttons only open one of the doors , the clearance at the narrowest point with one door open is 32 Inches.
– The clearance with both doors open (which would require the assistance of another person) is 63 Inches
– There is a 0.25 inch lip when entering the front door

– The elevator in the main lobby of the Birch Building (right by the front door)
– The entrance to the elevator is 41.5 inches wide on all floors
– The inside of the elevator is 55 inches deep and 75.5 inches wide

Birch 250 Room:
– The door to birch 250 is a double door
– With one door open the clearance is 33.25 inches
-With both doors open the clearance is 67 inches
– The whole room is level and we do not have a stage
– There is no lip on the door

– There is a single, non gendered washroom with a “mobility accessible” sign attached to it, located on the 2nd floor.
– The washroom has push buttons to open on both the inside and outside and the inside, as well as a push button to lock/unlock on the inside
– There is no lip on the washroom door
– Because of the positioning of the sink the clearance when entering the washroom is 32 inches
– The area past the opening closing arc of the door would be 52.5 inches by 49.25 inches, but the toilet is in the corner
– the smallest clearance between the toilet and the wall is 28 inches
– the smallest clearance between the toilet and the sink is 27.5 inches.
– Here’s a picture of the washroom:

Birch Bathroom Access
Measurements for accessibility of Birch Building washroom at KPU


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