Summer Intensive on Community Organizing and Social Justice

Registrations are now open for this 2018 Summer Intensive on Community Organizing and Social Justice (or the ‘Summer Organizing School’, SOS as we like to call it.)

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Offered in partnership with KPU’s 4th year Criminology class on “Community Rights and Human Advocacy”, the SOS is part of a plan to expand KPIRG’s “Community Action Research Project Program” (CARPP) and to instigate more locally relevant, useful inquiry & advocacy. SOS is open to all KPU students, staff & faculty, and KPIRG community members as well, so if you’re not yet a member, sign up now! (We also have exciting benefits for organizations seeking a KPIRG community membership.)

Join us throughout this summer for a solid line-up of guest speakers, skills-building workshops, actions and events designed to draw in community engagement and participation in organizing for a better world.
We are also NOW SEEKING community groups interested in starting a CARP project. Contact us or apply now! (Student volunteers apply here.)

We’re asking for your participation in a minimum of 4 events/projects to receive an SOS “Certificate of Completion” by the end of August…

Recommended: Intro to KPIRG & Participatory Action Research + participation in a group publication and/or dissemination project + Final Presentation & last class public “Mini-Conference” at KPU Surrey Main + choose at least 2 other workshop/events from the schedule below.

Participants are also encouraged to join in community actions organized over the summer and write a short report about their experience, hopefully to be shared with the community group & possibly as a letter to the editor or as published review for the KPIRG blog & zine.

(new events coming soon… See below for upcoming.)

Introduction: Community Action Research Projects & Participatory Methodologies in a Feminist & Decolonial Framework

Tuesday, May 15, 1pm (KPU Surrey, MAIN 3840): With Idil Isse, KPIRG’s Outreach Coordinator & PJ Lilley, Research (& CARP) Coordinator. Please register for more details.

Disability History and Culture 101 Workshop w/ Q

Q_Disability_HistoryJune 5, 5-7pm in Birch 250, KPU Surrey

KPIRG is excited to host disability activist and artist Q for an exciting workshop! Join us as we learn more about erased histories of disability activism and culture!

“504 sit-in; Capitol Crawl; Aktion T4; ADAPT; ASAN; Mia Mingus; Wheelchair Sports Camp; identity- vs. person-first language; disability pride; Alice Wong; #CriptheVote; disability, sexuality, & gender; healthcare; asylums; euthanasia & eugenics; Woodland Memorial Gardens; Shanidar Cave; access intimacy; disability day of mourning. Disabled people have been involved in communities, activism, and arts since before written history began. Despite this, modern politics endorse and encourage eugenics and euthanasia in various forms internationally. In this workshop, learn about the history of disabled people around the world, and activists and artists working and creating change today.

There is no wrong place to start – no knowledge of disability or ableism is necessary for this workshop.”

How to Organize a Union in Your Workplace
(with Sano, an organizer with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers)

Tuesday, June 12, 1pm * MAIN 3840, KPU Surrey

Are there problems where you work? Maybe your pay is too low, conditions are unsafe, or your boss has it in for someone you work with… and you’re ready to do something about it.

This workshop will show you how to fight back where you work and win. You’ll learn how to identify the key issues in your workplace, build campaigns to tackle them, anticipate management’s tricks and traps, and inspire your co-workers to stand together despite their fears.

^ wording above thanks to Labor Notes for their description of their training manual (which Sano highly recommends) Secrets of a Successful Organizer

Harm Reduction Workshop: Naloxone Training

Tuesday, June 19, 2pm (Birch 250, KPU Surrey): with Erin Gibson of Fraser Health or share the event on facebook.

get_trained6_header-3Participants will learn how to administer naloxone to reverse a fentanyl overdose and locate local safe injection sites and support networks for drug users. Further speakers may add information on the current context of criminalization in Surrey as well as efforts to set up a local Harm Reduction Peer Support Network.

curated by yes the poet

Thursday, June 21 at 4pm at KPU (Surrey campus, room TBA) | Facebook event

They say home is where the heart is, but for migrants home is more complicated than that. Home is an ocean away, in a mother’s arms, the first place you walked, and sometimes, home is even canada. At the very least, canada is somewhere that we live, but it is not where we were born.

In this showcase, four queer migrants from different corners of the earth will share their thoughts and feelings on home and migration, and POEMS! Home may be bittersweet, but these four incredible poets are just regular sweet.

#OpenTheBorders #FreedomToStay #FreedomToMove #FreedomToReturn


Open Access Media Workshop Series #3:
Desktop Publishing
June 26th,

@ KPIRG office, 7380 King George Blvd, Unit #204
in the Newton Village Tower off 137 St.)

-desktop publishing 101 skills-sharing workshop(s) (based on #FOSS = Free, Open Source Software: LibreOffice, GIMP, Scribus, Calibre, OpenShot, Audacity): Drop-ins also offered throughout May-July (Register for more details.)

-how-to self publish & introduction to academic publishing platforms, open access publishing, Public Knowledge Project software, world metadata standardization initiatives (ie. #DCMI = Dublin Core Metadata Initiative)

Final Public Presentations: July 31 Mini-Conference at KPU Surrey

(Tuesday, July 31, details TBD): Throughout the semester, students will be building a campaign based on their chosen area of advocacy, and will produce relevant materials (websites/flyers/posters, etc.) On the last day of class, students will organizing a public tabling and presentation event at KPU Surrey in order to build awareness and encourage further participation.

Further Events with Dates soon to be confirmed:

–Beyond Territorial Acknowledgements: Tracing Indigenous Histories in Surrey

–Indigenous Media Activism & News From the Frontlines (in co-operation with the Sacred Fire Network media working group, Billie Pierre of the Nlaka’Pamux Grassroots & published through the Vancouver Media Co-op)

–Introduction to digital mapping and crowdsourcing GIS data via the web (TBD, with participation from the KPU Geography Dept & the School of Journalism’s Media Lab)

–Community Anti-Racist/Feminist Self-Defense Workshop (& Workout!) Series

–Transformative justice & community accountability processes (a literature review + reading group)… contact: Jeff Shantz

Other potential community connections:

  • Surrey as a Sanctuary City (including research on the opening of a new migrant detention centre in Newton), contact: SANSAD (the South Asian Network for Secularism & Democracy)
  • the Stand With Kwantlen Campaign, including construction of Healing Lodge and raising public awareness around the risks of the proposed TransMountain/Kinder Morgan pipeline project, including organizing towards KPU’s fossil fuel divestment
  • Conversations on Community Safety & Policing (of Poverty, of Racialized, Indigenous and Black people, and more…) This series, through the Alliance Against Displacement, runs on the last Monday of the month at the City Centre Library. More info here.
  • “Hangry” students: intersections of food insecurity and housing precarity research project (potential partnerships with the Social Justice Centre, Surrey People Power, Disability Action Movement Now)
  • Fight for $15 Campaign (through the BC Federation of Labour) to urge the government to immediately raise the minimum wage (closer to a Living Wage) instead of delaying until 2021
  • ethnographic research conducted this summer around the on-going gentrification of Whalley & Newton
    + more coming soon…


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