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Gurpreet Khangura

The true definition of an exceptional, dedicated, and super rad student, Gurpreet Khangura, is the first KPIRG volunteer to be awarded KPIRGer of the month – twice! An active and enthusiastic student on campus, Gurpreet has lead the KPIRG space campaign in an encouraging direction. Her willingness to speak to her fellow KPU peers to promote social justice on a grassroots level is truly remarkable. If you see her around campus, be sure to say hi!!


Inderpal Brar, Mehakpreet Sandhu, Vikram Cheema – July 2016
KPIRGers of the Month

Who are you?!
Inderpal Brar – I am fourth year Political Science student at KPU. I am planning to start a non- profit organization in the near future because I feel the best way to create employment opportunities and make change in the world is through humanitarian work. I am deeply disturbed by the injustice being served in the world.

Mehakpreet Sandhu – I am a first year Computer Information Systems student. I like to read books and watch YouTube videos in my free time. I am a big time procrastinator but I still manage to get stuff done in time, somehow. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to give back to the community and help create awareness.

Vikram Cheema – I am a passionate individual who cannot withstand injustice. I used to work with an NGO called Make a Difference in India which used to work with underprivileged children living in shelter homes. I love food, books and rain. I like to dance and have fun.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
Inderpal – I started it!

Mehak – KPIRG is a fairly popular organization at KPU. I first heard about it from Inderpal and then learned more during Welcome week.

Vikram – I learned about KPIRG at the celebration of International Women’s Day at KPU.

Why did you get involved?
It is really hard to start a group with little or no experience. Thankfully, we had KPIRG to support us and provide us the structure, mentorship, and funding to start this action group. KPIRG’s values are in line with ours and they are doing amazing work by creating awareness and providing an opportunity to the students of KPU to get involved and work towards making the community, and eventually the world, a better place.

What is the Lehar Manifesto?
Lehar Manifesto is an action group that we formed together. The purpose of this group is to shine the spotlight on issues that are happening in India, particularly in Punjab, by using academic and intellectual thinking to find solutions.


Gurpreet Khangura – June 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who Are You?
I am a third year Accounting student who loves to give back to the community. I try to look for different ways to give back whether it’s volunteering at school or with another organization, I like to look for ways to help people in need. I love knowing that I am making a change even if it is small, its something and that’s what keeps me going. I like to get out and meet new people because I get to learn something new from each person I meet. It’s a new connection I get to make and a wonderful experience. I have a passion for music, helping others, creating anything different and and accepting anything different whether it’s a religion, person, or perspective. I cannot stand dishonesty, bullying in any form or cookies without chocolate chips. In my spare time I grab my secret stash of chocolates and watch movies or read a good book.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I found out about KPIRG online when I had seen they needed volunteers for their AGM. The first time I got to actually learn what KPIRG was about and I liked their message of justice and equality for all. I have been learning something new about KPIRG and the issues that are affecting the community, every time I go to their office.

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
I got involved to be more active on campus, but then as I learned more from talking to the other members of KPIRG I realized that KPIRG had a lot to teach me about our community. I see it as an opportunity to learn more about occurrences within the community  and around the world with people who have an open mind. I’ve been really lucky to meet such inspiring individuals who work hard to do what they can to give back and bring awareness about the issues that occur within the world.

They have taught me so much about the different issues that arise at school and out in society that I wasn’t aware of before. Learning more about these issues I’m getting the chance to look at different ways to tackle those problems and how they can be fixed. I’m more aware now thanks to KPIRG and continuing to learn more about what social justice really is about and there is so much more to it than we can see.


Manmeet Chinna – May 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who Are You?
I am a fourth year Psychology student who enjoys getting involved within the KPU and the external community. At KPU, I am involved as a volunteer with the Peer Support Program and as a Campus Captain with the Orientation Team for the upcoming year. In the community, I am involved with the Abbotsford Restorative Justice and advocacy Association (ARJAA) and the Fraser Health Crisis Line. In my spare time, I like to read science-fiction novels, write short stories, watch the Game of Thrones and the Vampire Diaries, and listen to music by Ed Sheeran.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I learned about KPIRG at one of the tabling sessions that took place back in Fall 2015. I
had been looking for a prospect to get involved in research, and KPIRG was a great opportunity to get involved in issues that were important to me, specifically creating a more inclusive campus for students with disabilities.

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
I feel passionate about the goals of D.A.M.N. to create a more inclusive KPU community for students with disabilities by creating a platform of discussion that promotes solutions and removal of existing barriers. As a research assistant for KPIRG, I feel like I can directly make a difference in the lives of students at KPU by contributing to initiatives that aim to create greater awareness and promote innovative thinking to eliminate prevailing barriers.

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Zafreen Jaffer – April 2016

Question:Who are you?!
Zafreen: I am a something year anthropology major. I transferred to Kwantlen from Capilano, so I’m not quite sure what year I would be in.  I am a recovering chocoholic so it helps that I may now be allergic to chocolate. I love to dance, and sing, and draw, and create.  I am a feminist.  I am a hugger, so if you really need a hug, find me.  I listen to music that many people around here have heard of.  I was born in England, and am a big cricket fan.  I like to make others happy.  I am actively trying to change the world.Question: How did you hear about KPIRG?
I attended clubs day at the Richmond campus, and saw KPIRG’s table.  I signed up to volunteer, but only received a few emails.  A few months later, I was speaking to Natasha about WOOW, and she informed me of the International Women’s Day event being organised by KPIRG and suggested I get involved.Question: Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
Zafreen: On the Richmond campus there was very few ways to get involved.  When I came to the Surrey campus and found KPIRG I saw a way for me to get involved. I feel that KPIRG can further educate me on topics I care a lot about, and on topics I don’t know a lot about.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on the International Women’s Day event with them, and look forward to working with them on future projects too.


R.P. Jey – March 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Question: Who are you?!
R.P:  I am a queer-trans masculine person of colour at KPU who is working on his BA in Creative Writing and is also the Queer Representative for the KSA. I am a feminist, social justice activist, and aspiring film-maker.

Question: How did you hear about KPIRG?
R.P: I heard about KPIRG through PRIDE Kwantlen as well as through the outreach and posters that are visible on campus.

Question: Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
R.P: I got involved with KPIRG because a lot of the issues that I do activism work around is similar to what KPIRG does. Because I can get good support in order to do better in my activism, I continue to work with KPIRG to see how I can take a look at myself and apply it to my work. I got involved because I wanted to be more active on campus with like-minded individuals.


Lincey Amora – February 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who Are You?
I am a third year Geography student who enjoys learning about issues that I don’t think involve me directly. It’s great to know that there’s something I can do about it. I enjoy trying things that push me out of my comfort zone and expand who I am as a person. I stand for anything covered in Nutella; feminism; cute, long distance relationships; and free hugs. I don’t stand for sexual assault, inequality or soggy cereal. In my spare time I like to read, run, and jump on my bed while listening to loud Taylor Swift music.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I was introduced to KPIRG through my friend, [former KPIRG employee] Romina. I liked what they stood for, and I learned a lot through their activities, and about issues that affect the community.

Why did you get involved with KPIRG?
I got involved to be more active on campus, but then I realized that KPIRG had a lot to educate me about things that would matter to me. And it’s an opportunity to learn about things outside of the classroom environment with people that are like-minded. And, I’ve also gotten to meet significant members of the community who’ve given a lot back, and hear the stories to continue to be inspired by them to fight for what I believe in.

KPIRG has helped me to be more aware of global and local issues that are closer to me than I realized, and share them with others. They have also helped me look deeper into these matters, not just on the surface, but to also analyze them and to further understand why they exist, and what can be done about them. It’s made me realize that there’s many more things under the umbrella of social justice.

Way to go, Lincey!!

Monika Saran – January 2016
KPIRGer of the Month

Who are you?!
I’m a first year student in the biology department at KPU.  I’m interested in getting involved in different social justice activities all around the lower mainland, primarily, volunteering. I am involved both on and off campus in an array of different areas and within the community.  When I am not on campus, I enjoy making things out of fabric and relish in advancing my quilting and crocheting skills. I also like watching TV and trying out new cuisines and restaurants around town.

How did you hear about KPIRG?
I first heard about KPIRG during fall 2015 Welcome Week where I signed up for the KPIRG newsletter. I then promptly contacted Deanna, the KPIRG research coordinator, to seek a possible research opportunity. Since then, we have been collaborating on a research project on accessibility rights at KPU.

How has KPIRG helped you?
I’ve never formally done research before and KPIRG has introduced me to research and social justice issues that I didn’t even know existed. It has broadened my perspective exponentially and has inspired me to take action!

Excellent work, Monika!

Levi Bergen – December 2015 KPIRGer of the Month

Question: Who are you?!
Levi: I grew up in the Lower Mainland and currently live in Vancouver. I’m happy to be in the Sociology program at Kwantlen. I like dancing, particularly salsa and tango. I’m really interested in learning more about what perpetuates inequality and the historical context for it.Question: How did you hear about KPIRG?
I heard about KPIRG during Welcome Week in the fall 2014 semester and I wanted to become involved while I studied at KPU. I knew I wanted to become involved while I was studying at Kwantlen.Question: How has KPIRG helped you?
 KPIRG has been a good place to connect with people with similar values and concern for social justice and also a place to make friends and hang out. I appreciate the opportunities and events that KPIRG supports on campus because they often coincide with the things that I am concerned about. The Dis/Orientaton seminars at the beginning of the semester covered very important issues such as: mining justice, prisoner’s rights, and what the name ‘Kwantlen’ means on Kwantlen territory. I’m really glad they are on campus.
Way to go, Levi !

Catherine Kruger – November 2015 KPIRGer of the Month

Question: Who are you?!
Cathy: I was born in Ontario and moved to BC in 1990. Langley has been my home for the past seven years. I am a mature student in my 3rd year at KPU, majoring in Sociology. I am also the Co-Founder of Disability Action Movement Now – D.A.M.N! D.A.M.N is an action group on KPU that aims to raise awareness about disabilities on campus and whose main objective is to provide equal access to education to all students.

In my spare time I love to get lost in my collection of audio books, my favorites including mystery and crime dramas. I am also addicted to the TV show, Criminal Minds. I also enjoy hiking and discovering new trails in Langley and taking Rosco, my dog, to local dog parks. Rosco also has some company as I have two beautiful parrots! A 30 year-old blue and gold macaw named Zora & 15 year-old double yellow amazon parrot named Corky. Lastly, I am a HARDCORE Country and Western music fan and used to linedance! Whenever I have the time I love to volunteer for the Horse Protection Society of BC which is for abused or unwanted horses.

My plan is to get more involved with advocacy groups in and around my community and to hopefully work in that field after graduation. I also would like to acknowledge Kimberly McMartin from the KSA who has been very supportive of my initiatives on campus. As well as my mentor, Dr. Fiona Whittington-Walsh who has been inspiring me at KPU since day one. And also Diane Naugler who has been extremely supportive of me and D.A.M.N.

Question: How did you hear about KPIRG?
I heard about KPIRG through a classroom presentation in the summer of 2015 in one of my sociology classes in Surrey.

Question: How has KPIRG helped you?
Since I discovered KPIRG, the support from KPIRG has been awesome. I have received assistance in event planning, preparation with presentations, with writing for presentations, assistance with designing outreach materials, and so much more. The KPIRG team has been a wonderful support team and has inspired me to continue with advocacy on campus and has helped me to keep on going.

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