Volunteer with KPIRG

Volunteers are a valuable resource for our organization and staff. By volunteering, you will not only help your fellow KPU students, but also strengthen our workplace and promote community involvement through educational and action-oriented means.

Volunteering with KPIRG includes, but is not limited:

  • General support on an as-needed basis, e.g. topical research, tabling at events, button-making.
  • Joining or creating an action group (click here for more info on action groups).
  • Joining a KPIRG Committee, where you participate in internal, collaborative decision-making.
  • Having a specific volunteer job within KPIRG, e.g. office administrator, critical contributor.
  • Having a specific volunteer job with external organizations that KPIRG supports.

Check some of the opportunities below. P.S.: there are also several events and activities that could use your help. All these are listed in the sign-up form below.

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

You may sign up below. Be sure to check out the volunteer opportunities in the form while you sign up.

*If the form on this page is not working please click on this link: volunteer form. If you’re still having issues with the form, let us know.

Download the Volunteer Manual (pdf) here.

If you are under 18 years old, download the Parent/Guardian Consent Form here.

Volunteer Opportunities

KPIRG Street Team Committee

Are you an outgoing student? Do you enjoy engaging with other people? Are you keen to engage your fellow students on issues of social and environmental justice? KPIRG is looking for student volunteers to join the Street Team Committee to help promote KPIRG and KPIRG-related activities, opportunities and events.

Street Team activities include:

  • Tabling and outreach on campus by engaging students about KPIRG and distributing promotional material
  • Classroom visits and presentations on KPIRG and any KPIRG-related activities and opportunities
  • Assisting with event set-up and take-down
  • Putting up posters, making buttons, assembling swag bags and preparing other promotional material
  • Any other promotional and interpersonal engagement activities as necessary

Please email us, message us on Facebook or fill out the volunteer form below if you’re interested.


If this opportunity sounds like something you’re interested in or if you have any questions, please email outreach@kpirg.ca

Thank you!

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